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Luxury Music Package

The Ultimate Party! 
from £2000 + nationwide travel
DJ mixing 90s house music

Background information


We asked clients, colleagues, hotels, venues, agents, suppliers and planners to kindly share honest experiences, opinions, praises and disappointments relating to the current wedding & corporate event marketplace. As you can imagine, we gained priceless, insider knowledge of trends, inspirational new party approaches, rising supply costs and wedding & corporate event budgets.

With direct local competitor rates now averaging in the region of £1400 - £2750 for party bands, £600 - £750 for DJ services, and £1200 - £2000 for DJ & percussion combinations, we knew we could offer weddingvibe clients something new, affordable and exciting from our base here in the North East. 

By combining market research with experience we have successfully created a fresh and entertaining evening music package. Our flagship 'one-call' party service is specifically designed to meet the expectations of modern clients, at the right price point. One stress-free informal call is all it takes to arrange a full evening of quality music.

We call this exciting new service 'The Ultimate Party'.

This is a bespoke music package so details and timings can be adjusted to accommodate food service and other venue schedules. The example below demonstrates how an all-evening music package might look...

Pro Wedding DJ Service 7 pm - 11 pm

Public announcements, song requests, genre-spanning music from 60's - now


First Dance | Special Song request

Especially arranged cover version of your chosen song, performed live by the Emerald Thieves band


Choice of 2x or 3x sets of live music

The Emerald Thieves - bespoke wedding party exclusive to clients!

A dynamic show employing 2x or 3x contrasting approaches which showcase a huge variety of live music

HD sound system | Centrepiece Pro Drum Riser | Stage Lighting

example schedule

Emerald Thieves live band Set One

8.15 pm

Begins with a First Dance or special request performed live

Top 10 Acoustic Anthems

Mumford-sttyle indie folk meets Irish, pop and country classics

Wedding DJ # 1


Client Playlist & Song Requests

Evening buffet service

Emerald Thieves live band Set Two

9.30 pm

Top 10 Electric Rock & Pop Anthems 

A journey through the most-requested 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's hits 

Wedding DJ # 2

Client Playlist & Song Requests

Emerald Thieves live band Set Three

10.15 pm

Bespoke Set List

A bespoke set of favourite tracks chosen from the repertoire by the wedding client

Live band Encore: 10.45pm

Acoustic sing-along to unite the dance floor and conclude the band music

Wedding DJ requests until 11pm

A chance for guests to squeeze in song requests as the team prepares for the House DJ Set

Retro DJ Finale: 11 pm - midnight

DJ Booth + Moving Lighting + Retro Disco Mirror Ball + Haze Machine + Hi-Def Sound System

1-hour of 90's-themed retro DJ music accompanied by percussion & violin musicians.

Available Upgrade

Late Night Music Extension: £150 

Extend your WeddingVibe DJ music service after hours until 1am

Minimum performance space of 5m x 3m required to incorporate the stage drum riser

Our compact band set up can be used if space is limited at the venue.


"Hi Emerald Thieves!

Wow, what an amazing time I've had tonight here in the North East.


You guys are a great band, 

I would recommend you to anyone."

Alan Shearer - 22nd October 2023

Emerald Thieves Alan Shearer Party Band in the north east

Additional Ultimate Party Upgrade Details


Extended Live Band Music

Emerald Thieves added a third set option to extend the live band show. We saw an opportunity to increase musical variety and create a set-to-set contrast which appeals to all age ranges and music genre types. The result was the new 'ANTHEMS' show featuring; Acoustic Hits | 70's - 00's Classics | Modern Sounds.

Fresh & Modern DJ Services

Our modern DJ booth service delivers hit songs from every era, mixed live on the decks between band sets. Public announcements are covered, guest song requests are accepted, and a Retro House DJ Set finale keeps the party upbeat and fun for the final hour. On trend, Ibiza-style percussion & violin musicians can also be added to interact with guests on the dance floor. Wedding parties don't have to fizzle out when the band finishes playing!

Professional Sound

Ultimate Party sound is delivered via Emerald Thieves' 6000 watt RCF Tour & Theatre grade High Definition system, with sub bass enclosures for clients who want that nightclub low frequency effect. A qualified sound engineer is included in the band/DJ event team every night. There are no harsh, nasty-sounding speakers causing ringing ears at our shows. Our compact system provides professional quality amplified sound for audiences of up to 500 people. The system can also be expanded to cater for larger events.

Exciting Visuals

We have visual upgrades available to dress the performance area with; band logo backdrop, tour grade centrepiece drum stage riser, club-style moving head lighting effects, a fog/haze machine (venue permitting) and a retro disco mirror ball. Performance area enhancements make a huge difference to the party visual.


We are thrilled to exclusively offer this incredible value package to wedding vibe clients within our target fee of £2000.

Have you seen your band play live? You really should

HD videos and glowing online reviews will never reveal as much as seeing and hearing a band perform. You need to trust them and be 100% certain they can deliver music at the required level.

Emerald Thieves do not sub-contract band members

The professionally trained musicians you see at our wedding, corporate, festival and music venue appearances every single week is the exact same line-up you would be booking for your big event. - you get what you pay for 

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